Monday, 31 March 2008

What do you get if....

you lick a chocolate Easter egg.... Fat that's what. Why am I telling you this ? ... because despite being a really good girl (apart from that little lick) and eating healthy nonfattening stuff, suffering a naughty tummy bug for a few days which meant I didn't know which way was up and exercising too(which in my book is usually a sweary word) HAVE I lost a measly 1lb??.. you can bet my sorry little (rephrase that !! BIG) rear end I definitely did not. To say I am gutted is the understatement of the century. All of those Easter eggs that DG would have gladly shared with me were untouched by my fair hands... Now what I want to know is WHERE'S the JUSTICE in THAT!! Sorry for the mini moan but if you visit my blog regularly you will know that my mouth rules my fingers and well.... it just has to come
Crafty stuff follows :) this is my funny little nephew...well not so little now as you can see in the spring LO further down. Couldn't resist this photo, he was wearing his uncles wellies and how he managed to stay on his feet Heaven only knows...cos I sure as heck don't.

Next is a GORGEOUS atc that my lovely crafting buddy Chriss made for me... it's a little joke because she watched me at Butterfly world follow one butterfly round and round with my camera for an age... but he just wouldn't stay still long enough for me to take a photo... maybe I smelled funny...I don't know but he was havin' none of it. I will get him next time though supposing I have to stay there all day. Unless he has gone to butterfly Heaven by then... don't know how long Butterflies live actually!! Oh what a sad thought :(I have some more yummy, gorgeous stuff to share with you tomorrow that I have received from some gorgeous kind girlie's... sorry can't show you today just haven't had time to upload them but they are worth the wait. Also I will be sharing a little freebie with you tomorrow... a sneaky peak below... and would you Adam and Eve it... it's to do with CHOCOLATE... ROFL. Well if I can't eat it I have to have the next best thing!! So don't forget to pop by tomorrow and grab yours.Okay that's my lot today... so much to do... so little time... is that how it goes. LOL Need to come bloghopping now and catch up with all of your gorgeous creations so see you tomorrow :)